What Inspires Me?

May 2, 2017

Well hello, if you are reading this then you have found yourself on my first ever blog post- how very exciting for you! 

This blog will include lots of different posts such as, behind the scenes, collaborations, photography tips and my general day-to-day life. 

It took me a little while to figure out what to have my first blog post about and after disregarding the idea of having a 'Welcome, This Is Me' kind of post I decided to simply post about what it is that inspires me to do what I do. 



Firstly, I launched my business officially in late 2015 during my second year at university studying Photography & Digital Imaging.

A lot inspires me and this list will forever continue to grow as there are so many insanely creative things in the world at the moment. Instagram is hands down the best app ever invented especially for creative individuals as it is SO easy to find inspiration by simply typing in a hashtag and then about a million different images and ideas appear.



For me, I really, really appreciate other photographers work- I love seeing their ideas and that is something that truly inspires me to be the best I can be. 

I follow a lot of different photographers on Instagram and love to see the different concepts, models, poses, make-up, styles- everything! 

Of course, I love to take photos but for me, my biggest passion is the post-production of a shoot afterwards- there is honestly nothing that I love more than coming home, making a coffee, putting some music on and cracking on with the photos on Photoshop. It is my happy place and a place that many people such as family and friends cannot seize me out of- once I'm editing, that is it- I'm captivated. 



A few years ago for Christmas, my parents bought me a set of two books about Marilyn Monroe written by one of her first photographers and lifelong friend/temporary fiancé: André De Dienes. One book was a collection of his original memoirs of his times with Marilyn which included contact sheets from their numerous photo-shoots. The second book is a cleaned up version of his memoirs accompanied with final developed images. 

I love looking through these two books for a couple of reasons- the most obvious is to look at the photographs and how all of his photos are so simple yet hold such individual style- I especially love the most natural photos of her and how he has managed to capture her characteristics. The other reason is to read the original memoirs and to study his ideas and ways of thinking to compare his ideas and thought patterns to my own for some strange reason- I don't know- I just like to really study a successful photographers personal thoughts especially when all his walls are down.

Perhaps, I will discover his secret? 



Out of all of the amazing inspiration in the world, one of my top inspirations- as lame as it sounds- is to improve and become the absolute best that I can be. For me, the best feeling in the world is to shoot, edit and then be overcome with happiness with the end results realising that this is the best that I've done yet. And every single time that happens, my confidence heightens and that is what makes me carry on. Don't get me wrong though, sometimes I do have bad ones and wonder why I ever started in the first place but then I remember that everyone has bad days and to move past it.










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